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Tuesday 10:30am

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Welcome to Better Days Yoga!

Better Days Yoga is a space designed for just that…the tools to create a “Better Day.”

Often times, life can be challenging, hurried, disconnected.  Our Studio offers an environment and a practice to help you reconnect with the inherent energy of the physical, emotional and mental.


Once we feel at ease with the internal nature of our body, the power to balance with the external manifests.  


The physical practice of yoga and other body mind movements get us out of our conditioned sub conscious and teach us to live in our bodies, learning at a cellular level to heal pain, and distinguish blockages before dis-ease set in.


Whether there is chaos, turmoil, tragedy, ecstasy, or celebration in our life we must allow these energies to flow through us, not gripping at any, so nature can follow its true course and we can live in the breath, and be present in each moment.


Come explore with us at Better Days…because you deserve one!



Betterdays Yoga  •  7433 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA 93117 • 805-770-2718 •